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TrueCrypt 4.3 on Fedora 7 : Build from Zero


NB: Ripped (and modified) from :

How to install TrueCrypt 4.3a on Fedora 7

We are going to compile TrueCrypt from source so first grab TrueCrypt's source code. When it's downloaded, extract the source code and navigate to the Linux folder :

tar xfz truecrypt-4.3a-source-code.tar.gz
cd truecrypt-4.3a-source-code
cd Linux

Truecrypt needs to compile a kernel module during the build process. Unfortunately the kernel headers included with Fedora 7 (in the kernel-devel package) are missing the dm.h header file which is needed for compiling the kernel module.

We need to download the source RPM for the kernel (it's roughly a 45MB download) and install it so we can get to the dm.h file. Since this is for the release version of Fedora 7 (which has the 2.6 kernel) the commands to get at the source would be...

yumdownloader --source kernel
; mkdir /usr/src/redhat # May have to do this due to packaging problems
rpm -ivh kernel-$(uname -r).src.rpm
; yum install sparse # May need this if rpmbuild complains
``rpmbuild -bp --target=noarch /usr/src/redhat/SPECS/kernel-2.6.spec
; there's a lot of activity at this point...`

`; Now copy over the dm.h file into the right place... (make sure the kernel major-minor matches the current) :
cp /usr/src/redhat/BUILD/kernel-2.6.22/linux-2.6.22.noarch/drivers/md/dm.h /usr/src/kernels/$(uname -r)-$(uname -m)/drivers/md/

Once we are done installing the source RPM we edit the file located in TrueCrypt's Linux folder. To do this, change the line :




save and run `` as root to start the build process


still logged in as root run the install script and modprobe the kernel module, using an 'su -' login to set the root paths properly :

/sbin/modprobe truecrypt

We successfully installed truecrypt!

To load this as a normal user, we need to create a mount point, and then use the truecrypt command with the --user-mount option :

mkdir /media/Fieldstone
truecrypt --user-mount /media/1GB/Fieldstone.truecrypt /media/Fieldstone

Previously, to make this work, one needed to chown u+s /usr/bin/truecrypt (which was convenient, if a little insecure according to the truecrypt website). Now, with version 4.3a, this method of allowing a regular user to 'escalate' privileges to mount the volume doesn't work. So the user has to be made 'sudo' capable. As root, do '/usr/sbin/visudo' (ugg - I hate vi, try export EDITOR=joe first to avoid using this). Navigate to the bottom of the file, (and, if in vi hit 'i' for insert mode) and add :

_username_        ALL=/usr/bin/truecrypt

where username is the user that will be using truecrypt. That should do the trick, and then the two commands :

truecrypt --user-mount /media/1GB/Fieldstone.truecrypt /media/Fieldstone
truecrypt --dismount

should work. Phew!