Martin Andrews

Head of AI
Red Dragon AI

Working on Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence full-time in Singapore, as the Head of AI at Red Dragon AI.

My career started after completing my PhD in Machine Learning (Genetic Algorithms / Genetic Programming : Cambridge University), when I veered off into the world of finance (first in London, then New York, where I was a partner and head of quantitative research for a Fixed Income boutique broker dealer).

After the financial crisis, I moved to Singapore in 2013, having decided to follow my original passion for AI - and was lucky to have timed my reengagement with Neural Networks shortly after the 'ImageNet moment'.

If you're ever in Singapore, please come and say "Hello!" : You can find me at the in-person monthly meetings of the Machine Learning Singapore MeetUp, where I'm the co-organiser. Also, since I'm a Google Developer Expert for AI/ML, I'm a regular speaker at events around the region.