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NFS shares (Samba alternative)




yum install portmap nfslock nfs

Setup of the Server Machine

Create a mount point for the directory to be mounted somewhere convenient : mkdir /s_drive

and into /etc/fstab : /mnt/seagate250/server /s_drive none bind 0 0

Mount everything (ready for exporting) using :

mount -a

Check everything is where it's meant to be with :


Add the network export to /etc/exports :

more /etc/exports


/etc/hosts.allow file for NFS: portmap: (hosts) lockd: (hosts) mountd: (hosts) rquotad: (hosts) statd: (hosts)

where (hosts) is like

/etc/hosts.deny file for NFS: portmap: ALL lockd: ALL mountd: ALL rquotad: ALL statd: ALL

Start the daemons : nfsd, lockd, statd, mountd, and rquotad /etc/init.d/nfs restart

Pick up any changes to /etc/exports :

/usr/sbin/exportfs -rv

/usr/sbin/showmount -e

Helpful :

Best :

Includes WinXP Home Hack :

Note: Windows XP Home Users: If you use Windows XP Home you'll have to do a little hex editing to make everything work right for you. Make a backup of SfuSetup.msi then open it in your favorite hex editor. Search for the string "NOT (VersionNT = 501 AND MsiNTSuitePersonal)" and change 501 to 510.

Also :