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Fedora 25 XFCE Live modifications


This is just an 'internal memo' to myself, to keep track of the package installations I do to make my basic machine install out of the standard Fedora (25) XFCE Live install-to-disk base image.

Essential first steps

systemctl enable sshd
systemctl start sshd

dnf install joe scite git unison240

Now get the other disks mounted against newly created mount-points in /mnt/ (into /etc/fstab). And re-add assorted entries into /etc/hosts.

Base Packages

# Dead-weight
dnf remove pragha parole abiword claws-mail* leafpad orage ristretto pidgin transmission gnumeric asunder tumbler
dnf remove dnfdragora dnfdragora-gui

# Better alternatives
dnf install libreoffice deluge

# Specific desirable extras
dnf install baobab keepassx gstreamer1-plugin-mpg123 unzip ack

# Specific python extras (noteably for numpy/jupyter use)
dnf install python-devel python2-virtualenv \
            gcc gcc-c++ \
            scipy numpy python-scikit-learn python-pandas Cython  \
            blas-devel lapack-devel atlas-devel  \
            python-pillow geany-plugins-geanypy  \
            graphviz libyaml hdf5-devel

#? redhat-rpm-config

# Graphics
dnf install gthumb gimp inkscape

Disable SELINUX (for sanity, mainly)

scite /etc/selinux/config
# Change "SELINUX=enforcing" to "SELINUX=permissive"

Google Chrome

cat << EOF > /etc/yum.repos.d/google-chrome.repo
name=google-chrome - \$basearch

dnf install google-chrome-stable

Google Talk Plugin (for Firefox - not required for Chrome)

Download the current version of Google Talk Plugin, and then :

# after download using browser ...
dnf install Downloads/google-talkplugin_current_x86_64.rpm
dnf update firefox

Install vlc

rpm -ivh
dnf install vlc

Other 'multimedia'

dnf install youtube-dl      # Archiving of videos
dnf install simple-scan     # Scan to PDF
dnf install recoll          # Manage research PDF collection
dnf install gvfs-mtp        # Talk to Android MTP storage

Other 'security'

dnf install fuse-encfs keepassx

joe /etc/fuse.conf  ## Add (/uncomment):  "user_allow_other"

Printer installation (depending on location)

For Brother Multifunction printers, mostly follow the instructions in my previous blog entry, except for the rpm packages now have slightly different names.

Also, because Brother hasn't got the dependencies right, the following 32-bit library needs to be installed:

dnf install glibc.i686

Also, these should be installed before installing the scanner driver:

dnf install sane-backends sane-backends-drivers-scanners

Note that the printer/CUPS controls can also be accessed at http://localhost:631/.