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Stupidly simple SQLalchemy model migration


After looking around the web for an SQLalchemy model migration assistant, we found no satisfactory equivalent to the migration tool that people love for Ruby.

In particular sqlalchemy-migrate seems like it's an overkill (in addition, sqlalchemy-migrate is fiddly to set up with Pylons).

There's also a project call miruku, but that is also a little illusive, somehow.

PLATFORMedia has published a simple 150 line script that parses the Pylons INI file (augmented with a line that points to the model.metadata variable definition), and allows just two actions :

  1. diff the current database vs. the what the models want

  2. commit the changes required to bring the two into sync.

The script is dependent on sqlalchemy-migrate, but it would probably sit better as a Paster-Pylons plug-in.

It is located at