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Secure Mobile Email


Thunderbird email (where IMAP or POP) still downloads the subject lines (at minimum) into a local database. This is a potential security threat if the laptop falls into unfriendly hands.

Solution : Move local data store into a directory protected by EncFS

The following assumes that you can find the data store under the server name in the appropriate profile under the .thunderbird directory (and that ~/Fieldstone is the name of a directory mounted by EncFS, and so hidden if the 'unfriendly' doesn't know the password) :

ls -l .thunderbird/8n9uvc7r.default/ImapMail/imap.mail.fieldstone
cd .thunderbird/8n9uvc7r.default/ImapMail/
mv imap.mail.fieldstone ~/Fieldstone/
ln -s ~/Fieldstone/imap.mail.fieldstone