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lighttpd and twiki : Managing htpasswd file


Using twiki with lighttpd is not yet as simple as it should be. One particular problem is that twiki writes out htpasswd files that lighttpd doesn't parse correctly (twiki includes an unnecessary ':$email' entry).

To fix the problem (so that users can manage their own passwords) here's a quick fix for {twiki}/lib/TWiki/Users/ :

sub _dumpPasswd {
 my $db = shift;
 my $s = '';
 foreach ( sort keys %$db ) {
  if ( $TWiki::cfg{Htpasswd}{Encoding} eq 'md5' ) { # htdigest format
   $s .= $_.':'.$TWiki::cfg{AuthRealm}.':'.$db->{$_}->{pass}.':'.$db->{$_}->{emails}."\n";
  } else { # htpasswd format

   ### Change the following line:
   #   $s .= $_.':'.$db->{$_}->{pass}.':'.$db->{$_}->{emails}."\n";
   $s .= $_.':'.$db->{$_}->{pass}."\n";

 return $s;

Of course, in the configuration, HtPasswdUser needs to be set as the password manager. And crypt chosen as the encryption method.