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Add a new admin for gitolite


This assumes you don't have access to the existing admin account (which, if you did, would make things very easy).

How to add an additional Admin user to gitolite

On the server running gitolite, logged in with the gitolite user (or whichever user is the one with the gitolite repositories in it) :

mkdir -p ~/tmp-delete-me-soon/
cd ~/tmp-delete-me-soon/
git clone ~/repositories/gitolite-admin.git
cd gitolite-admin/
cd conf/
# edit gitolite.conf, adding the user required to the gitolite-admin repo
git commit -am "Added new admin"
gitolite push
# check that it looks Ok
cd ~
rm -rf ~/tmp-delete-me-soon/

Then, on the machine where the new admin user works :

git clone
Cloning into 'gitolite-admin'...

Now, gitolite is at the new user's command...