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Skype on Fedora 22 with Nvidia GPU


On a recently purchased machine with Fedora 22 and an Nvidia GPU installed, following the excellent instructions didn't result in a working Skype installation (results in a segmentation fault on the command line).

The clues provided here lead to this solution:

cd /usr/bin/
mv skype skype-bin
install -b -m 744 <(<<EOF
LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/ /usr/bin/skype-bin
EOF) /usr/bin/skype

Should now work...

The reason for the problem are rooted in Nvidia redirecting Skype's loading of to their own library. However, in my case, the Nvidia card is for GPGPU usage only - no monitor will ever be connected to it (my sole monitor is connected to the motherboard-integrated Intel video).