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MythTV on Fedora 7, PVR-350 & Dual Screen


Aim :

  • Enable a lightly used Linux machine to additionally host a MythTV video card. Major Issues :

  • Upgrade to 2.6.22 breaks everything :

    • ivtv

    • ivtv-fb

    • ivtv-xdriver

    • ivtvfb-ctl (now gone)

  • Want to have two independent displays (two simultaneous X servers running)

    • Complex /etc/X11/xorg.conf

    • Need to use evdev to have dual keyboards

    • Toy with /etc/gdm/custom.conf (not necessary, hardly working)

  • Added a Belkin wireless keyboard (from

    • Set up special keys for MythTV
  • Control cable box via IR transmitter Each of these will be addressed in separate postings.

NB: This MythTV experience is certainly not an advertisement for building a DIY PVR. Lots of the documentation, Wiki entries, and forum advice is badly out-of-date. Oh well.