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Gateway GM6543E Linux Installation


Initial Boot Problems

Booting kernel on stock Fedora 9 x64 DVD requires the kernel option : 'intel_iommu=off' to be appended to the kernel boot line.

Updated kernels (after, say, 2.2.26), no longer need this extra parameter.

USB Keyboard

Unless 'Legacy USB' is set in the BIOS (which it is by default), the USB keyboard can't be used to change GRUB selections.


Seems to work.


Arrrrgh! - Vista does this beautifully : Why can't Linux? All quirks tested (it seems like it at least)...

If the POST seems to fail (beeps : 5 long high, 10 short low), then disconnect the power cord (!), and hold in the power button for 15 seconds. Then (after re-attaching the power cord) the machine should boot fine. This became necessary when investigating the S3-related quirks.

Dual Booting

See other posts. Of interest on the Gateway is that the system rescue partition is seen by the Vista loader (under GRUB) as being on hd(0,0). This is a little confusing, since the first Vista boot under a dual-boot GRUB appears to be trying to rescue the machine.

The Vista line in /boot/grub/grub.conf should read hd(0,1)