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Adding a Disclaimer to TWiki Print format


This is pretty hackish - but it seems to work Ok.

Putting your Disclaimers on the Bottom

Edit the variable WEBCOPYRIGHT on the page TWiki.TWikiPreferences. For instance, make the line read like this :

* Set WEBCOPYRIGHT = %MAKETEXT{"Copyright &(C)[_1] by PLATFORMedia LLC.  " args="1999-%GMTIME{$year}%"}%
 This has been prepared solely for informational purposes.  It is not an offer, recommendation or solicitation to buy or sell, nor is it an official confirmation of terms.

Adding your Logo to the Top

Create a topic TWiki.WebTopBarPrint which contains the logos required for the printable page (based on TWiki.WebTopBar).

Also, so that the Print format includes the Logo at the top, edit the file twiki/templates/viewprint.pattern.tmpl to contain :


near the top, and copy the file viewtopbar.pattern.tmpl to a new copy viewtopbarprint.pattern.tmpl which has the definition of TOPBAR changed to have %INCLUDE{"%TWIKIWEB%.WebTopBarPrint"}% instead of the existing %INCLUDE{"%TWIKIWEB%.WebTopBar"}%.

Also, to remove the background image behind the logo, change :

<div id="patternTopBar">

to :

<div id="patternTopBar" style={{'background-image':'none'}}>

and (finally) to get the logo to display on 'media=print' you'll need to comment out this section in twiki/pub/TWiki/PatternSkin/print.css :

       #patternTopBarContentsOuter {

Forcing Printer Page-Breaks

Here's the code snippet you can litter on pages that print awkwardly :

<DIV style={{'page-break-after':'always'}}></DIV>