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Text and RNNs


Sam Witteveen and I recently started the TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore group on MeetUp, and the forth MeetUp was again hosted by Google.

This 1 hour talk (which was intended to last 45 minutes) included a TensorFlow version of the Upper Case NER notebook that was already in the deep-learning-workshop repo - and I have to admit, the overall example is again better in the TF version, because I teased out some details along the way, including adding a full data downloader notebook that enables the models to be used stand-alone.

The presentation also includes links to the relevant code at suitable points.

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If there are any questions about the presentation please ask below, or contact me using the details given on the slides themselves.

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By the way, the deep-learning-workshop repo is undergoing some major refactoring. The aim is to make the individual examples work in a stand-alone fashion (downloading the necessary dependencies) while the assembled-into-a-VM still works with everything pre-loaded.

That means that downloading an individual notebook and stepping through it should just work. If it doesn't please let me know, and I'll prioritorize fixing it.