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NLP Trends : The Rise of the Language Model


Sam Witteveen and I started the TensorFlow and Deep Learning Singapore group on MeetUp in February 2017, and the sixteenth MeetUp, aka TensorFlow and Deep Learning: Dialogue and NLP, was again hosted by Google Singapore.

In addition to Matt Henderson talking about "Machine Learning for Spoken Dialogue Systems", we had Hardeep Arora explaining "Sequence to Sequence Model Advances", as well as a last minute addition : Bo Lin Ng giving a lightning talk about the fun he is having "Using TensorFlow to implement a Generative Adversarial Network".

For my part, I gave a talk on "The Rise of the Language Model", which set out to explain a major current trend in Natural Language Processing : the increasing focus on using pre-built 'pure' language models (such as ELMo or the model recently announced by OpenAI), and then fine-tuning the output to suit specific applications.

The slides for my talk about NLP are here :

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If there are any questions about the presentation please ask below, or contact me using the details given on the slides themselves.

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