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Namecard OCR in Javascript


One thing that has always bothered me as a regular MeetUp participant is that I usually arrive home with a small collection of business cards (aka namecards in Asia), and the most direct method of getting that data into my address book was manual typing. Therefore, doing OCR via a mobile camera's phone seemed like an interesting project that would solve a problem that I already had (as evidenced by the dozen neat stacks of cards waiting to be typed in on a table at home).

I decided to prototype in Javascript (rather than Python, or more amitiously Scala) because various component pieces already had nice interfaces to nodejs, which could also run as the backend web-server. In addition, the actual code (run initially on the server) would be able to run on the phone itself.

I recently gave a presentation about this project at the Singapore Talk.js MeetUp Group.

Presentation Screenshot

If there are any questions about the presentation, please ask below, or via the MeetUp group (or at the next NodeSchool!).

Presentation Content Example