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LIT : LSTM-Interleaved Transformer for Multi-Hop Explanation Ranking

Textgraphs@COLING-2020 Shared Task Paper

This paper for the workshop Shared Task was accepted to the Textgraphs-14 workshop at COLING-2020 in Barcelona, Spain (held online).


Explainable question answering for science questions is a challenging task that requires multi-hop inference over a large set of fact sentences. To counter the limitations of methods that view each query-document pair in isolation, we propose the LSTM-Interleaved Transformer which incorporates cross-document interactions for improved multi-hop ranking. The LIT architecture can leverage prior ranking positions in the re-ranking setting. Our model is competitive on the current leaderboard for the TextGraphs 2020 shared task, achieving a test-set MAP of 0.5607, and would have gained third place had we submitted before the competition deadline.

Poster Version

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