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Company-Centric View @ Technology & Finance

Here's a list of the businesses conducted by Martin Andrews (since the early 1990s) and the various associated companies.

Singapore-based Technology and Finance Company
Founded 2013

Cambridge Business Solutions is a Singapore registered Private Limited company that is currently in its exploratory phase.

One of its principal brands is : Red Cat Labs.

Technology Innovation Finance
Investment Banking Brand
Founded 2011

Britton Hill Capital is a Delaware LLC that licenses various IP to a related broker-dealer.

Finance Investment Banking Structured Investments High Yield Fixed Income Sales and Trading
Consultancy : Risk Advisory
Founded 2005

Cambridge Debt Advisors, is an financial advisory firm registered in Delaware.

Its principal activity is to provide risk management consultancy and services to the institutional investor community.

Since 2010, it has worked closely on a month-to-month basis as an advisor to the Board of an global special situations fixed income fund.

Finance Risk Advisory Structured Investments High Yield Fixed Income

Fieldstone Services Inc

US Broker-Dealer
Joint-Venture 2002-2011

PLATFORMedia LLC had a divisional profit-sharing interest in the Fieldstone Capital Group fixed income trading businesses (now rolled into Fieldstone Private Capital Group).

Technology Structured Investments High Yield Fixed Income Sales and Trading
Soft-dollar platform for Institutional Research

A separate company created as a joint-venture between PLATFORMedia LLC and Johnson Institutional Services (JIS) to pursue the intersection of independent research and the soft-dollar community.

Technology Finance Fixed Income Equities
Technology company based in New York City
Founded 1999

Based in New York, PLATFORMedia LLC was formed in 1999 as a New York state Limited Liability Corporation.

Originally called LLC, this partership was funded by both Martin Andrews and a group of angel investors drawn from the High Yield and related markets. Our initial product was

The company is privately held and has a growing list of products and investments.

Finance Technology Innovation Funded Externally
High Yield Market data provider
Founded 1999

Not a separate company - a brand developed by PLATFORMedia LLC to address the High Yield market.

Even though this business was started during the boom, continued to flourish even after the introduction of TRACE (a bond pricing data system imposed on the High Yield market by regulatory fiat).

High Yield Technology Fixed Income
UK Company
Founded 1992

Formed in 1993, Cambridge Solutions Ltd is a UK Limited liability company. Privately held.