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Building VisualSFM on Fedora FC20

Tue, Jun 3, 2014 mdda OSS Blog Comments
Install the VisualSFM system on Fedora (FC20) The VisualSFM system is the recommended way to use PMVS and CMVS : So, download the Linux 64-bit source code from : The Process for Running VisualSFM : The following have to be run in a coordinated fashion, which is what VisualSFM does : Bundler CMVS PMVS2 Emphasising this, the notes for CMVS state : You should ALWAYS use CMVS after Bundler and before PMVS2 (even when your image set is small), because : PMVS2 will run faster and produce more accurate results with the produced clusters (see the bullet below for the reasoning.) CMVS produces option files (option-0000, option-0001, …) for PMVS2 and a script file ( containing PMVS2 commands.